Kelburn to Ngaio

The walk from Kelburn to Ngaio is pleasant, and takes about an hour. There’s a nice stretch before you get to Wilton which is mostly sports fields bordering on Karori Cemetery, so it’s home to both the fit and the dead.

Unusually for a Wellington walk there isn’t much of a gradient, except for a terrifying dip between Wilton and Chartwell, when the entire country drains away into the dark and doesn’t look as though it’ll ever recover, so it’s kind of like 2008. The ‘Rofton Downs sign (customised for a long time with a stencilled Scooby-Doo) has been replaced with a rather nice sign with a kid’s drawing from the local school. I don’t think it’s graffitiable. The Ngaio sign, by contrast, is made of heavy pine, and radiates “Don’t Fuck With Us, We Have Contacts In The Lions Club”

For some reason the stretch between Crofton Downs and Ngaio is a bit bleak – the road is between a railway line and a river, so there’s not much for distraction except some modern-for-their-time houses that were built close to the road nearly twenty years ago… and then they had to plant a lot of trees, because there was zero privacy. There’s some brand new houses which are also close to the traffic, but they’re built like a fortress. If current trends continue, in twenty years the remaining space will be taken up by houses which overhang the pavement, blocking any view and shooting spears into the heads of anyone who gets too close to the electrified perimeter.

Ngaio doesn’t really change, except now it’s full of my contemporaries who were quick enough to get onto the property ladder before things became retardedly greedy. Their lives are securely mapped out for the next twenty years. Good for them.


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