Kelburn to Rongotai

Not a bad walk, this. I detoured past Tasman St to check out my vet mural – it remains blissfully unmolested, which is more than can be said for most of the street signs along the way. Someone’s started painting some very nice art on Aro St on some of the more targeted walls… I hope it lasts. I walked through the rather bleak stretch on the way to Wellington Hospital, and turned left to go bush, briefly. Reduced to Clear was low on junk food, to my mild disappointment, but I got some iced tea anyway and walked back to Kilbirnie along Lyall Parade. There was a haze over the beach – I hope it was sand and not air pollution.

After a maddening trot through Queens Drive (not, now that look at a map, the most direct route from one side of the isthmus to the other) I bypassed the Mt Victoria Tunnel in favour of going overland. The tunnel is more direct, but apparently for pedestrians it’s the equivalent of smoking an entire packet of cigarettes, which negates the health benefits of the walk. About twenty minutes later I was standing on the site of a historic pa, which is now marked by a picnic table and a new-ish sign. Three hours after I left Kelburn, I was in Courtenay Place.

Okay, not the most interesting story, unless you count the half-naked woman snoozing in a car with fogged-up windows on Plunket St.


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