The Unwritten by Mike Carey & Peter Gross

The Unwritten
by Mike Carey & Peter Gross
Vertigo, 2010

An ongoing Vertigo series which is currently up to issue 20, and has been republished in two collected editions. The conceit here is that there’s a series of children’s books which is even more popular than Harry Potter (first mentioned on p7) and Tom Taylor, the grown son of the vanished author, makes an undignified living from being the model for the boy wizard protagonist. His torment is constant, like that of Christopher Robin Milne (first mentioned on p5), and when rumours emerge that he may not be the actual son of the writer he is forced to flee for his life from obsessive fans (led, bizarrely, by a demented preacher from Auckland).

Taylor’s only discernible talent is a vast “knowledge of literary geography” which makes the series a delight* for an English Lit. major such as myself, as he finds himself confronting his (literal) demons in the Villa Diodati of all places. If Warner Bros. wishes to squeeze even more money out of the Harry Potter franchise, they should make a film like this about Daniel Radcliffe in five years’ time.

*There’s an assassin called Pullman, just for kicks.

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