Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers by Dunning & Singh

Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers
by John Harris Dunning & Nikhil Singh
Walker Books, 2009

Although it initially comes across as well-written as Twilight fanfic, with slightly amateurish Aubrey Beardsley illustrations, this big purple graphic novel is rather good. It’s buffered by some surprisingly weighty recommendations (from Alan Moore, Anthony Minghella and Harmony Korine, who presumably know what they’re talking about) and while it isn’t great or particularly original*, it’s quite fun, and what more can we ask from most entertainment?

One for early Tim Burton fans and irony-free wearers of black nail-polish.

*Scrying balls? Check. Fetishy circus? Check. Hero with a mysterious past? Check.

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