NZ Herald’s ‘Best of 2010’

FB:L4G has made the Herald’s ‘Best of 2010’ theatre list:

For original work by New Zealand playwrights, the triumphant return of Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show (The Civic) set an impossibly high benchmark.

But the Young & Hungry Festival (ATC/The Basement) showcased a wildly imaginative piece of Kiwi madness in Grant Buist’s Fitz Bunny: Lust for Glory. The show is so weirdly original it’s easy to imagine that, had it opened in London, it might have transferred to the West End and gone on to world domination.

From December 18th’s NZ Herald.

Boy, did I read that with mixed feelings. Yes, if only it had opened in London. Still, being mentioned here is nearly as cool as being reviewed by the Listener.

I’ve also discovered that if you review any graphic novel published by Fantagraphics and make it relatively easy to Google, it’ll appear (in heavily-edited form) on their website before you can say “gratuitous plug”.

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