European Masters: 19th-20th Century Art from The Städel Museum

The point of this Te Papa exhibition is to track the progression of European art from Neo-classicism to Expressionism through a selection of paintings and sculptures from a specific Frankfurt museum which is currently undergoing renovation. Yes, there are many famous names here, and although none of the specific paintings are hugely famous (the 2000-piece puzzle ones are uninsurable and unlikely to ever leave their home museums) it’s a well-selected group which demonstrates how an entire continent’s taste in visual art will change if you put it through the wringer for a century.

There’s a lot of joy and beauty on the walls, as well as a fair bit of despair, horror and mental illness. The gift store is amusing because about twelve works have been targeted for MERCANCIA GRANDES, which would’ve been an interesting meeting. Admission is expensive, but there’s a free day (for Wellington residents) on February 3rd.


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  1. Thank you for telling me about the free day. I had not known about this.

  2. Well, you told me about the last one!

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