Grandville: Mon Amour by Bryan Talbot

Grandville: Mon Amour
by Bryan Talbot
Jonathan Cape, 2010

A sequel to 2009’s Grandville which is inevitably slighter. Badger Detective Inspector LeBrock is back, and just like Bond in Quantum of Solace, not very happy about what’s just happened to him.

The design and detail of this anthropomorphic steampunk alternative history sci-fi thriller is just as good as the previous volume, but this time the plot isn’t as strong. It seems a shame to have lavished this much work on something which could be easily turned into a script for Sherlock 2, although some of Talbot’s in-jokes are great, like a porcine prostitute who strongly resembles Miss Piggy and a pervert duck who resembles a certain Disney sailor.

Oh, and I just recognised the misogynist aardvark who cries out “All women are succubi in mortal guise! They leech our superior aetheric fluids!”


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