Hellcity: The Whole Damned Thing by Macon Blair & Joe Flood

Hellcity: The Whole Damned Thing
by Macon Blair & Joe Flood
Image, 2010

A private eye story set in the largest city of Hell, where, logically enough, every damned soul has a bullying slob-jock demon as a roommate, and the afterlife is a constant torment of demeaning, pointless jobs and being pushed around on the streets, like a city in 1984 run by Hellboy’s loutish cousins.

Lucifer appears to be having a nervous breakdown (leading to unsavoury jockeying for succession amongst Hell’s bigwigs) and his beautiful batwinged assistant hires our private eye hero to tail him. There’s a great sequence where our gumshoe hero follows Lucifer to an underground anarchist rave, and emerges through a culvert into a pastoral Norman Rockwellesque Heaven, but despite the massive bodycount and threat of being chewed by giant hellhounds, it’s never explained what actually happens if you die in Hell.

Presumably you emerge in an even lower level, like Pandemonium, run by a Nazi pumpkinhead where the penalty for insubordination is to be raped to death by a giant minotaur named Timothy. Unpleasant stuff.


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