The Littlest Bitch by Quinn, Davis & Devereaux

The Littlest Bitch
by David Quinn, Michael Davis & Devon Devereaux
Sellers Publishing, 2010

Bit of a lost opportunity, this one. It’s the first of a comic line called Not For Children Children’s Books, which you would expect to be filled with awesome and win, but what should be a wry satire instead comes off as nasty and a bit misogynistic.

It’s a cautionary fairy tale about a tiny girl called Isabel who ruthlessly sets out to become a CEO, but like Oskar Matzerath in The Tin Drum she stops growing, and then begins to shrink. Devereaux’s illustrations are more substantial than the story, and there’s a rather sweet image of Isabel sleeping in her in-tray as her empire begins to crumble.

While I have a natural sympathy for short, fierce and evil protagonists, Isabel is very hard to like. She starts out a bitch (with no external motivation) and learns nothing during the story, the moral of which appears to be that ambitious and powerful women will lose in the end.

If you buy this for someone who enjoys Ed Polish’s Bitch books and calendars, they won’t thank you. I’d rather read the inspirational corporate rise of Just Who the Hell is SHE, Anyway? by Marisa Acocella Marchetto, or the psychotically premenstrual adventures of Bitchy Bitch by Roberta Gregory.


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