Amanda Palmer in Civic Square

That was lots of fun. Crowd-surfing with a ukulele, and the hilarious gothic accordion gurning of ‘Evelyn Evelyn‘ partner Jason Webley (pictured at top). There was a bit of a wobbly start, with Palmer having to consult a fan for the lyrics of Cuba St-plugging song ‘New Zealand’, and her cracked voice faced serious competition from an adjacent Webstock party in the Town Hall, and the tiny minority of AFP’s obsessive fans who try to get her attention by shouting at her during her performance and will not shut up.

This is why I’ve never wanted to attend one of her concerts, I don’t fancy being in an enclosed space with these damaged narcissists who are in thrall to their own numerous personal problems and don’t know how to behave in public.

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  1. …and yet you go to Tori Amos gigs? I was a bit bemused by this, since you’ve said in the past that Brian Eno, Tom Waits and Tori Amos fans are the worst and you are a fan of all three.

    I went and people were a bit rowdy but generally fairly well behaved. Yeah, there were the usual showboating wankers (“AMANDA I LOVE YOU AMANDA YOU’RE THE BEST AMANDA LOOK AT MEEEEE.”) but people are probably a bit more considerate when they’ve actually had to pay to be there.

  2. Yes, that’s why I mentioned they were a tiny minority. I’ve never been to a Tori Amos gig, but I imagine they would be similar, although part of AFP’s appeal is her emotional frankness and it’s been years since Amos wrote songs like that.

  3. My Aucklander friend was amused and commented: “You will not see people behaving like this in Auckland”. Really?

    It was an interesting crowd though. Actually I expected to see more core fans, but instead I recognised many of my fellows (I.T. specimens), probably because this last minute gig was largely spread about by Webstock attendants/followers through social networks.

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