Pocket Full of Rain by Jason

Pocket Full of Rain
by Jason
Fantagraphics, 2008

A compilation of work from 1992 to 2002, before John Sæterøy discovered his blank-eyed anthropomorphic animal schtick and became, well, Jason. To see him draw humans is strange indeed, although the terrifyingly generic European backgrounds are the same. It’s like Let the Right One In – the horror of the supernatural is set against a dull and mundane urban background, without the lights and glamour of an American city, just miles of concrete, drainpipes and bannisters.

Many of the stories share Steig Larsson’s sense of Scandinavian unease, and reek of Doc Martens, subtitled pop culture and Automatic for the People-era R.E.M. The title story was first published in 1995, and feels like Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron by Dan Clowes. In the shorter pieces from his minicomic Mjau Mjau you can see him searching for a style – there’s an interesting short-lived comic strip featuring a convict and a cactus, a TV puppet version of The X-Files and numerous pastiches involving Flash Gordon, Hemingway and Moebius.


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