Jitterati’s 10th anniversary

Ten years ago this week, Jitterati first appeared in City Voice, four months before it folded. The two events are unrelated. Capital Times still doesn’t like talking about City Voice, so I haven’t mentioned this anniversary to them… maybe I’ll say something next year, when it’s the 10th anniversary of its first Capital Times appearance. Media politics, eh?

Until then, here’s a special 10th anniversary cartoon which will never see print. Click for a readable version (NSFW on account of proper adult swears).


2 Responses to “Jitterati’s 10th anniversary”

  1. mafalda Says:

    I’d love to see this published somewhere. It won’t be Capital Times of course, because they do not even have enough cojones to use the “F” word in their Facebook page.

  2. Actually, the point of it is that only a few people will ever see it!

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