Rubble, weeping, bravery and other clichés

Christchurch’s Funtime Comics is putting together an earthquake relief issue, and is looking for contributors. I want to draw something, but I’m wary of some of the bloody awful editorial cartoons which have been produced in the past week or so – clichés which display large amounts of sincerity but very little imagination or original thought, on par with stuff like the weeping Statue of Liberty parodied in The Onion by that evil cartoonist Kelly. I would say that’s the (non-ironic) level of the average NZ editorial cartoon, with exceptions like the brilliant watercolours of Chris Slane.

Obviously it’s not a subject to be treated lightly – hundreds of people are dead, and thousands more injured and homeless. The problem for me is that I have no particular association with the place. I’ve only visited the city once, and that was for about four hours. Of course I have friends from Christchurch, but they all left for very good reasons, ranging from racism to homophobia to incest. Which isn’t the sort of thing you can put in a sympathetic cartoon. Sorry if that’s offensive, but it’s true.

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  1. mafalda Says:

    One example after the 8.8 earthquake in Chile (February 2010).

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