How to not exploit tragedy

I’m glad that I didn’t just update last week’s unprinted cartoon and send it in again – for what it’s worth, if you sought out the unpublished strip, you have bits of information about this week’s strip that others do not. If you didn’t, hopefully it still makes sense.

I was thinking of doing a strip about how awesome last week’s strip was, but unfortunately that’s too easy to check.

Oh, and it’s about the earthquake, and it pretty much doesn’t suck.


One Response to “How to not exploit tragedy”

  1. David Thomsen Says:

    This week’s New Idea features a cover of John Key and Bob Parker staring heroically into the middle distance. The poses, especially Key’s, aren’t quite natural enough to pass as candid.

    Admittedly the photographer probably asked them to pose like that, but there are times when it is appropriate to stare heroically into the middle distance for a magazine, and times when it is not.

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