So I didn’t bother

I was going to begin a proposal this week for a new creative project whose success would require stimulating certain neurons in the approval part of the brains of other people.

In other words, like the many other projects I’ve had to abandon in the past six months, a big fat waste of time.

This may sound defeatist, but it’s been a tough 15 years.


5 Responses to “So I didn’t bother”

  1. Unhelpful, but quite funny. I would’ve also accepted a picture of a waahmbulance.

  2. If it’s worth anything (which it isn’t really) I admire you for sticking to something that you obviously loved doing but kicked the righteous shit out of you. That takes a certain amount of cajones.

    But then, that’s probably small comfort right now.

  3. Not at all, it’s far preferable to a complete stranger sending you a picture of the world’s smallest violin.

  4. Rhinocrates Says:

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