Yes, this one is also about the earthquake.


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  1. I enjoyed your cartoon, but want to ask you one thing.

    HM Westfold: real or performance art?

  2. No one is sure. He delivers his letter by taxi to Capital Times every week. He certainly enjoys getting a rise out of people. He used to like Jitterati, and then decided suddenly I was a “smartarse”.

  3. Rhinocrates Says:

    As many may know, the area about Aro Valley is very cold and damp and many organics objects may behave oddly instead of decaying in the usual manner. There was once, for instance, a dog turd that for many months did not desiccate and disintegrate, but instead grew a thick coat of white fungal fur. Eventually, some graffitist came along, and very neatly, drew a dashed circle about it and the caption “Very Interesting Phenomenon”. I believe that the detachment exhibited by the anonymous artiste is the appropriate stance that one should take towards Mister Westfold (and Micael Lhaws too, for that matter).

  4. Speaking of VIPs, I heard today that the imaginary purple water buffalo is now driving a Tiki cab in Auckland.

  5. Rhinocrates Says:

    Isn’t schadenfreude wonderful? He may not be richer or poorer than you, but as an artiste, unless driving a cab is some obscure form of performance art, he is surely less fulfilled. Apparently his album of musical masterpieces tanked…

  6. Schadenfreude is best appreciated from a demonstrably superior position. At lease he’s out in the open air.

  7. David Thomsen Says:

    I had a dream that I found an old copy of the hardcover Jitterati book which is only available at the Jitterati café. I felt bad because there’d been a Jitterati-themed café in Wellington this whole time and I hadn’t noticed.

    The cover was burgundy with a grid of squares depicting the characters.

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