I Wonder by Marian Bantjes

I Wonder
by Marian Bantjes
Thames & Hudson, 2010

A batty, almost uncategorisable* book by designer and typographer Bantjes, showcasing her intricate vector artwork and experimental page layouts. A beautiful object, like a OCD illuminated manuscript made up of type critique, photography and several pages constructed from dried pasta. To call it “overdesigned” would be like describing the Book of Kells as “quite fiddly”. It’s shiny, as well.

There’s a letter-by letter appreciation of the alphabet and annotated reproductions of her mother’s notepad from the ’70s. It’s a bit much to read all at once, and probably the only person interested enough to actually process what the pretty words say would be Bantjes, but it sure looks nice.

* Almost, according to Dewey it’s 701.1BAN. Dewey is no fun at parties.

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