On a ladder

I spent a delightful afternoon precariously balancing on a ladder while trying to waterproof the outside of my flat. It was an interesting exercise in 3D geometry to position the ladder so that at least one point was against the house and the bottom two had some purchase on the treacherous slope which borders my room. Unfortunately the cost of failure is a six metres drop, and is most unsavoury.

I was trying to apply mis-tinted AquaShield to a windowframe placed there by James Walter Chapman-Taylor himself nearly a hundred years ago – the wood crumbles under my brush, and is largely held together by the previous half-arsed attempt at fixing leaks by squirting waterproof sealant at everything. When the wind blows in a certain direction (horizontally) the lintel absorbs water like a Cruskit.

Unpleasantness ensues.


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