To Pink Batts or not to Pink Batts?

Today we had a landscape gardener, two builders, a painter and two roofers come through my flat. I’m not sure what my strategy should be – they’re going to tart the place up so they can sell it, ignoring the fundamental structural problems with the Victorian frame and foundation. If I can stand living in the house while they renovate it, presumably at the end I’ll be living in a nicer house, which will probably still take some time to sell.

I’d be surprised if they didn’t put the rent up a bit, but it might be worth it if they do a proper job and install some insulation, a mere fifty years after the invention of Pink Batts.

On the other hand, is it possible to live in a house while it’s being renovated on the inside? During winter? Our landlords don’t seem the type to put us up somewhere else while the work is done. I’m going to have to look at our residential agreement.

One Response to “To Pink Batts or not to Pink Batts?”

  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    Your landlady seems to be one of those self-deluding “I mean the best and I’m so kind to allow the little people to breathe in my presence – I mean, I love me because I’m such a nice person and so of course I know that they love me, really” sorts.

    Try the Citizen’s Advice Bureau – you do have rights and access to decent plumbing under health and safety legislation and this is a serious matter, so if the builders disrupt that without the landlady making provision while still demanding rent, then you might well have a case. General disruption is also something to consider. NZ law is not based on letter and precedent like American law, but the expectations of the “reasonable man”. If you can argue that much of your work is done from home and builders are affecting your livelihood without either cause or compensation or adjustment, there might be something there…

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