I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow by Shunju Aono

I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow
by Shunju Aono
Viz Media, 2010

The story of Shizuo Oguro, a rotund middle-aged salaryman who chucks in his boring but dependable office job in order to become a manga artist, and although he really doesn’t have what it takes, he perseveres until… Part 1 ends. It’s not exactly The Uncanny X-Men, but that’s the point.

He takes a job at a fast food restaurant, where the kids sarcastically nickname him “Manager’, his elderly father berates him for wasting his life, and (creepily) he visits a local brothel only to discover his sensitive teenage daughter has been working there to make ends meet.

There’s a certain integrity to Shizuo’s hopelessness, and his shabby midlife crisis and lack of work ethic are fairly universal themes. The plot is nicely defiant in that you keep expecting something to happen, but his new life proves to be just more of the same. It’s available online here.


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