Miss Don’t Touch Me Vol.1 by Hubert & Kerascoet

Miss Don’t Touch Me Vol.1
by Hubert & Kerascoet
NBM Comics Lit, 2008

To investigate the murder of her sister by a serial killer in 1930s Paris, virginal ladies’ maid Blanche moves into a brothel (as one does) and becomes a popular dominatrix, much to her embarrassment. This odd but intricate graphic novel also stars the fictional sadist Duke Edward, and a magnificent transexual Josephine Baker lookalike. One feels certain liberties may have been taken with historical facts.

Unsurprisingly, the brothel proves to be an extremely dangerous place, and there is much brutalisation and indignity heaped upon the head of our hapless heroine, although the simple linework and excellent use of colour makes the often ghoulish story seem less horrible than it actually is.

Strange though it may sound from the decription, it’s not actually porn. One day there will be a New Zealand graphic novel as adult as this, but not for a very long time.


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