I really, really tried

I swear, I tried to do a polite cartoon about the royal wedding, but if I stop and think about the concept of monarchy… well, it’s basically ridiculous, isn’t it? Honestly?

The British class system is one of the reasons people emigrated to NZ, which unfortunately hasn’t prevented us from developing our own smug little version. Anyway, hopefully this supremely pointless affair will provide some distraction for those in Christchurch still using chemical toilets.

I realise that Britain desperately needs something nice to happen to it, it’s just a shame it’s expected to cost their economy $8.4 billion just as they’re starting an austerity drive so severe that we can hardly imagine it.

Well, not until after the next election, anyway.


One Response to “I really, really tried”

  1. David Thomsen Says:

    I didn’t realise how seriously overblown the royal wedding coverage is until I found myself in a building with a television. 😦

    I accidentally criticised the wedding dress. Unfortunately once you have partaken of the wedding commentary, there is no way out.

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