Capital Times & KFC Double Down

I walked into the Capital Times offices in Pirie Street for the first time since late 2009, to meet everyone again for the first time. There have only been two consistent staff members since I first walked in 15 years ago, and one of them owns the thing. The ad staff are there and gone like mayflies, such is the harsh reality of life in marketing.

Anyway, the staff seemed pleased to meet me, although I think the new editor was a bit tired. The graphic designer was nice, like designers everywhere he appreciates content he can paste in without awkward formatting.

After two days of national headlines (because our press really is that awful and trivia-obsessed) there was a queue outside KFC for their new breadless-burger gimmick. The sight of the queue (healthy, fit, laughing students) was just as revolting as the concept of the burger. This is something which is literally sanctioned by Act on Campus. Would you want to put anything like that in your body? I think not. That’s not how Ayn Rand kept so stylishly slim.


One Response to “Capital Times & KFC Double Down”

  1. David Thomsen Says:

    Ah… I thought the queues had been unusually long lately (queueues?).

    Not sure what to make of that Act promotion. Don’t people usually celebrate ‘freedom, choice and individual responsibility’ by handing out guns to babies?

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