And now for a great big pile of rubbish

You know, I think I’m actually quite stressed.

I arrived home yesterday to find this picturesque huge pile o’ crap in our front garden. At first I thought the builders we’re expecting on Monday had come around early to start clearing the exterior, but when I was standing in the kitchen I could hear a woman arguing on a cellphone just outside. It was our landlady. I creaked open the sash window and leant out. “You know, you’re welcome to call us before you come over” I said. “Oh, but I did!” she replied. “I called and called!” Yes, I thought, and then you came over anyway.

She had removed all the rubbish which was stashed under the edges of the house from previous half-arsed renovations and nicked every object we’d left outside which wasn’t actually nailed down. She was even prepared to cart away a new gas barbecue which obviously didn’t belong to her. The rubbish she was going to leave at the top of our path for the next few weeks, because she couldn’t be bothered hauling it away or moving it out of our sight. I tried raising some of the concerns my flatmates had about the interior renovations in August, and she airily dismissed them.

I realise that you don’t become a successful landlord by being a nice person, but I’m starting to feel a bit offended by all this.


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