The Lead Wait by Jo Randerson

The Lead Wait
by Jo Randerson
Circa, until June 10th

Thanks to the largesse of David, I was able to attend possibly the starkest stage play I’ve ever seen, Ronald Hugh Morrieson by way of David Lynch. A single, bare transverse set, and four increasingly tense characters who are not having a particularly nice time. I suspect Jo went through a list of things you’re not allowed to do on stage because they’re dangerous or very difficult and then incorporated them all into the script: the actors smoke, light a gas ring, draw and drain two baths, gut, fry and eat a fish, spill water, manipulate a live canary and finally tear up the floorboards with a shovel. Blimey!

There was also a large amount of nudity, but it was equally shared out by the brave (and 14 years after the first production, admirably trim) cast. By an unhappy quirk of seating I was exposed to three penises but only a single breast. The strain of performing this show for an entire month must surely take its toll, by the end the actors are flushed and proud, but definitely not happy.


4 Responses to “The Lead Wait by Jo Randerson”

  1. David Thomsen Says:

    So you didn’t get to choose your seating from a plan like this?

  2. I was somewhere in the Green Zone. You should send that to Circa, they’d love it. I’m definitely going to send it to Jo!

  3. David Thomsen Says:

    It’s not based on any actual Circa layout… or any knowledge of the play… so they might be a bit confused.

  4. Oh, I think they’ll know… Just label it ‘The Lead Weight Seating Plan’

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