Impossibly stark

My outer walls now come courtesy of David Lynch, and two Vietnamese men furiously scraping away with hand tools for the past two days. Their work ethic puts the NZ piling crew to shame, who were supposed to work from 8:30am to 5pm six days a week, and instead trickle in at 10am and slope off at 3pm, and have only turned up for four days out of the past ten. And sit outside my room and never stop talking. And keep smashing our glasses accidentally and hiding the bits.

The only problem with this industriousness is that it’s rather like living inside someone’s mouth while their tartar is being scraped – painful to the ears, like a scraped blackboard. So, I’m a bit stressed, but I’ve been spending as much time away from the flat as possible.

I also hope it doesn’t rain hard – that’s bare wood up there, it’ll soak through like a sponge.


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  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    You know, if you’re ever thinking of writing a sequel to the Four Yorkshiremen sketch…

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