The world is full of asshats

So very, very tired. My flatmates did not behave themselves while I was away; the only other one who ever cleans is in Japan for the month and there was an impressive amount of piggishness for me to deal with when I got back, including food smeared on cupboard handles, encrusted food on plates which had supposedly been washed, and recycling which had just been thrown in a big heap in the laundry.

Normal people do not live like this.

Speaking of recycling, I regularly walk past a certain house in Plunket St which is incapable of putting out their recycling properly – nothing new there, hundreds of Wellington households got it wrong initially, but this particular house has messed it up for the past four weeks, and they also do that amusing thing where if it isn’t collected, they just leave it in the street. A fortnight ago they put out a green bin full of jagged shards of broken glass – it’s still there. And they’ve been adding to it. This week in addition to the usual polite stickers the council places on erroneous material, the frustrated collectors have added earnest handwritten imprecations to read the instructions.

There’s no point abandoning people to their own squalor if they relish it, and enjoy spreading it around.


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