Something of a zero-sum game today

There’s no actual jokes in this week’s Jitterati, I’m just hoping that readers find certain turns of phrase amusing. As I’ve said before, it’s not Garfield. I didn’t do a cartoon about Christchurch, there’s nothing particularly funny about a city being knocked back to square one, especially when it’s the already-neglected poorer areas that are the worst affected and the people in charge have their own priorities.

While I draw this there is a skilful Vietnamese man perched two metres in the air directly outside my window attacking the wall with a power sander, making my desk vibrate. The builders from last week have walked off with our flat’s ladder, and we have somehow acquired a jocular open-ended British houseguest who fills the rubbish with beer bottles and pisses all over the bathroom floor.

I finally cracked after three months and left a snippy note for my other flatmates where I chastise them for their “wretched, childish messes”. We’ve been avoiding each other since. I’m trying to maintain sanity through use of an apple blossom essential oil and big fuck-off Sennheiser headphones.

Now to practice woodcuts.


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