Innocent recycling stupidity

Bless! My flatmates are trying a bit harder since last week’s snippy note – I no longer have to clean the kitchen before I use it, every single time.

I was impressed to see that they’d heroically put out tomorrow’s recycling, but a nagging doubt led me to check*. Half an hour later I’d retrieved the dozen plastic shopping bags they’d left lying in the street, squashed them and put them out again in a recycling bag, so the council wouldn’t leave them behind tomorrow morning with a ‘UR A DUMBASS’** sticker.

More than a month into the new recycling scheme, it would charitable to ascribe this to innocent stupidity, rather than the more sinister (and common male) strategy of performing a dull chore so incompetently that one is never asked to do it again.

(UPDATE: I thanked my flatmate for just putting out the recycling, and they thought I was being sarcastic. What have I become?)

* It’s behaviour like this that made Brainy Smurf so popular.
** Not the easier spelling ‘UR A DUMAS’, unless you were addressing the author of The Count of Monte Cristo.

2 Responses to “Innocent recycling stupidity”

  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    FWIW, a stroll down Aro St this morning revealed an awful lot of URDUMBASS stickers on unretrieved bags ‘n’ bins outside the flats that had always been the most “blokeish”. It does seem that “bloke” is a synonym for the “useless man-child who still depends on his mum to wipe his arse and expects his girlfriend to be a substitute mother” type.

    When the Rugby World Cup (Halle… oh, fuck it) washes over this city, we’re going to be inundated with those boofheads.

    I only hope that all the pubs will be serving beer in bottles with rubber nipples, otherwise the stupid [censored] will be taking out their frustrations on the rest of the city, as they did in Vancouver recently.

  2. Ah, but the RWC boofheads will have money. Which means we must revere them.

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