What Noisy Cats & Bikini Roulette at Mighty Mighty

It’s not often that a band’s first public gig is so anticipated, but not every band contains Matt Pender. So, were Bikini Roulette going to be a Beady Eyes or a Zwan?

What Noisy Cats played their complex, mournful soundscapes until Mighty Mighty filled up, and an interesting crowd it was, too – hardcore OdESSA fans at the front and hipsters at the back, along with several ex-members of OdESSA and their former manager. The hipster tide receeded at this particular venue some years ago, and I was spectacularly unimpressed with the rudeness of the bar manager, considering the place wasn’t exactly heaving when I tried to order a drink.

Anyway, by the time WNC finished with a rousing cover of ‘Suffragette City’, the place was packed. The initial impression of Bikini Roulette was Shihad playing Oak Park Avenue, which is no bad thing. Pender’s considerable singing and dancing abilities are undiminished, although there’s a new focus on the muscular guitar solos of Adrian Win, who manipulates his instrument like Willy Wonka with a big ladle stirring up a batch of sound chocolate. Admittedly I left to take a whizz during the sole slow number, but the acoustics of Mighty Mighty means that bands often sound better in the can.

I hope this works out for everyone, goodness knows what happens to new bands in the current musical climate. Hopefully they’ll record something as soon as possible (they have about half an hour of original material right now) and we can continue to savour it for years to come.

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