Pluses and minuses

Things I’m going to miss about this flat:

Looking out the laundry window anytime at night and being able to see the green traffic light all the way over on Chaytor St.
Having an entire room just for sleeping in.
The absolute quiet in the evening.

Things I’m not going to miss about this flat:

A winter room temperature of 7 degrees.
Running the dishwasher at eight in the morning for me and my flatmates, and having to empty it myself 16 hours later.
Flatmates who think housework is beneath them because they go to university.

3 Responses to “Pluses and minuses”

  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    The “entire room” is a frigid glazed porch with only enough room for a single bed.

    There are a lot of traffic lights in this city.

    There are even very many quiet places to be found, if you’re patient enough in the search.

    Yes, it’s been a nice location, but ultimately, I can see only positives in a move.

    And flatting with phallocephaloi is something I gave up on long ago.

  2. It’s a queen single, actually. And the Chaytor St traffic light makes me feel optimistic about the future.

  3. Rhinocrates Says:

    Only when it’s green, though? Still, that might be an existentialist variant on the glass half full/empty* thing – at least it is definitively green some of the time.

    *Of course any engineer will tell you that the design for the glass exceeds operational requirements by a factor of two.

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