This is, of course, not the actual joke

The Capital Times editor called me a few days ago to tell me that as part of the redesign, Jitterati will now be appearing on the letters page, which is why it vanished last week. So, for the first time in seven years it’ll be on glamorous and happening Page Four. The shift will not go un-noted in the strip.

The editor asked me how long it takes me to draw the strip. I replied “Well, it used to take me two hours from start to finish, but my health was ruined four years ago after I was nearly worked to death, so now it takes me pretty much an entire day.”

His laugh went “Hah-ha! ha-hmm…” in three parts:

1) He thought I was joking,
2) He realised I wasn’t joking,
3) The implications sank in.


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