It started out talking about last week’s roller derby, but ended up being about next week’s production of Eight, a series of monologues delivered by a cast dressed in designer clothing. Some call this “synergy”. I call it “bollocks”.

Drawing this was something of an ordeal… we’ve all had moments when completing a task you’ve performed hundreds of times before is unaccountably difficult. I think in this case it was a combination of extreme tiredness and an 8°C indoor temperature.



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  1. David Thomsen Says:

    Wasn’t there a production earlier this year that was wind and solar powered? And so there was a shipping container outside Circa for a long time and I kept wondering about the carbon footprint of moving the thing there.

    What were you going to write about the roller derby? I am curious because I was there, hidden somewhere in this photograph:

    Incidentally I would like to see someone make a similar sign for the Rugby later this year.

  2. CAFE INTERIOR. Tony sits between the girls. He turns to Jaimee, who has a black eye, and then to Debbie, who has a broken nose.
    JAIMEE: (dismissively) Roller Derby.
    DEBBIE: Fight Clu-
    (Jaimee cuffs her)
    DEBBIE: (subdued ) …Roller Derby.

  3. I did wonder why it had “X dressed by Y” on the poster. Very odd.

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