More flathunting

Bit of a depressing one, this, after waiting to hear back about a great two-bedroom flat in Roseneath, which we had as much of a chance as getting as anyone, to be turned down because the owner preferred to have occupants who would use the smaller bedroom as a study. What an odd preference, and surely they shouldn’t have advertised it as a two-bedroom place if they didn’t want it to be used like that?

The Rugby World Cup Officially Overpriced All Black Merchandise store in Mercer Street has two large white silhouettes stuck to the window, running about and doing rugby things. Some wag has attached Freddie Mercury moustaches to their featureless faces.

Also amusing: the English team photographed in their new black kits, posed and lit to look like a buff, all-male superhero team.

Also also amusing: getting a preview of Weta’s colossal rugby sculpture in Civic Square. I’m torn between devoting next week’s Jitterati to it, or waiting until the 17th, when it’ll have been officially unveiled and more people will have formed opinions about it. My initial impression: beautifully made (like everything Weta crafts, except for employment contracts) and surprisingly low-relief, with its apex player (based on Victor Vito) craning out at an angle which practically begs for a king-hit to the bollocks.


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