Fraying of cartoonist’s sanity reflected in protagonist

Drawn under intolerable working conditions, but quite a good episode. If they were just painting, it would be fine. Instead, after ten weeks, they’re still scraping and hammering. It’s like living inside a siege tower during a battle. The smell of scorched paint is nauseating. I’m trying to be creative while burning essential oils and wearing noise-cancelling earbuds turned right up. FML.

Two flatmates have announced they’re moving out on the 22nd… two weeks notice. They’ve called the landlady and everything’s fine. Oh really? Impossible to fill that room under the circumstances, damned if we’re going to stay here while Noah’s Ark is being constructed around us. On the positive side, I’m now rid of the third and fourth worst flatmates I’ve had in my entire life.


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  1. David Thomsen Says:

    A lot of people I know have said that they were at the market when Stephen Fry was there but they missed him, that they were at the market but at the wrong time, or that they would have been at the market if they had known earlier.

    I am beginning to think I am the only person in Wellington not stalking Stephen Fry through twitter.

  2. Fry is the Justin Bieber safe crush-object for any single intellectual woman in her thirties.

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