The Troll King by Kolbeinn Karlsson

The Troll King
by Kolbeinn Karlsson
Top Shelf, 2010

Well, this certainly can’t be accused of lack of originality. It’s full of pretty colours and some fairly unpleasant parts, like a Swedish acid trip. The ecology of this book is nearly as complicated as Beanworld, but with a hairy bear couple, green moss-men, kiwi-shaped spirit totems and sentient carrots, it’s like a psychedelic fruit salad of menace.

The short stories seem to be unconnected at first, but recurring characters link everything together. There are entire sequences which would go rather well with an instrumental Seventies prog-rock soundtrack and I really don’t know why. After the first couple of stories there’s very little text, but everything is set up by then and it plays out to conclusion like the last act of a uniquely weird spaghetti western.


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