Beg the Question by Bob Fingerman

Beg the Question
by Bob Fingerman
Fantagraphics, 2005

A reworked compilation of Fingerman’s Minimum Wage comic, first published in the mid-’90s and detailing the adventures of a group of twenty-something New York residents, like Friends but with ethnic variation and far more realistic apartments, and, you know, actual problems.

The characters of Beg the Question are surrounded by ugliness and idiocy in one of the most complicated cities in the world, yet they are decent human beings who support each other. It’s not supposed to be autobiographical, but you can tell that Fingerman has lived through many of the situations and knows the characters well. This honesty extends to the frequent nudity, which is to be expected when you’re in your mid-twenties and sex is the only affordable recreation.

The grey-tinted artwork is a strange mixture of realism and caricature – the anatomy and backgrounds are realistic, but everyone’s hands and heads are about 20% bigger than one would expect, which gives them a broad expressiveness, especially with the large black eyebrows many characters sport.


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