John Hicklenton’s 100 Months

John Hicklenton’s 100 Months
Cutting Edge Press, 2010

This book is weighed down by the gravitas that accompanies many final projects, its author ended his own life at Dignitas the day after completing it, and it would be nice to say that it was a profound work of art, but the truth is that (despite the effusive blurb) it’s a bloody depressing read, like being beaten about the head with an H.R. Giger coffee table book while listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

The vengeful, faceless Mara descends into Babylon to avenge the death of Christ in the bloodiest possible way. It’s undoubtedly heartfelt, but a trifle interminable. Maybe Hicklenton’s head wasn’t in a very happy place at the time. Personally, in his situation (Primary Progressive MS) I would’ve preferred to leave a more positive legacy, but there you go.


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