Some of my favourite stores in Auckland are either about to close or are severely diminished. The secondhand music stores I visited in the late-’90s are long gone, and even Real Groovy seems more interested in selling clothing and vinyl than CDs. Which didn’t stop me from grabbing a bunch of $3-$5 albums to fill gaps in my discographies.

Borders closes in a few months, and while the Wellington store attempts to run down its existing stock at full price (good luck, you cloth-eared dorks) the Auckland stores have faced up to the inevitable, and everything except their brand-new stock is 25-75% off. Which is why my luggage is about 3kg heavier.

I was tempted to buy some of their volumes of In Search of Lost Time at $9 each, but they only had three volumes out of six, and I didn’t fancy having to pay full price for the rest. I managed to get hold of some stuff I’ve been after for years, including two Edward Gorey anthologies and an excellent book on Krazy Kat for $11. Ironically I’m going to be boxing up my 3kg as soon as I get home for the move.


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