More Auckland highlights

Dunkin’ Donuts. We forgive you for your missing ‘g’ and ‘ugh’.

Selling two pieces in an exhibition where only about one in six pieces sold, very few of them from the cartoonist section.

Seeing Dylan Horrocks and Ant Sang at Auckland Museum’s Storylines Festival, looking at some of the beautiful A2 original pages of Shaolin Burning and meeting Katz Cowley, illustrator of The Wonky Donkey, every NZ toddler’s favourite picture book.

Visiting the Gucci store on Queen St to specifically check out their new kids clothing range. $500 coats. $165 sock sets. Caps fit for flinging onto the school roof during playtime. ‘G’ logos on everything, disproportionately huge on these tiny clothes. Within any context, even one as simple and direct as standing on the street outside and taking a look around – an obscenity.

Donating old Brunswick books to Auckland Library’s new zine collection, and discovering that the librarian is Tim Kidd.

The International Food Court. Down an unprepossessing flight of stairs on Queen Street is the ugliest, cheapest and most satisfying food court I’ve ever eaten at. Huge, inexpensive portions of world comfort food.

Long, hot hotel baths, with bath salts and a towelling robe. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Getting out of Wellington long enough to appreciate it, while realising that some things in Auckland – public transport and cafe beer – are actually cheaper. Also not freezing my ass off for a couple of days was nice.

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