A rather complicated day

The painters appeared to have finished, after three months. There’s only a few cosmetic bits to touch up, which they’ll probably do when they come back in a few weeks for the interior. Unfortunately, no peace and quiet – the landlady has turned up with a sodding great weedeater.

Oh, and she said after considering things, we can stay.

Except a few hours later her husband called, and we most definitely can not. He was quite snippy about it as well.

Suddenly, all the minor inconveniences we were expected to put up with during the renovation, such as having the bathroom and kitchen torn up and rearranged, and the house full of builders with no sense of personal space, have become insurmountable obstacles. That is to say, the builders have told them they can get it done faster and cheaper if the house is empty. And money, after all, is king.

So, a year on and off the market, four changes of mind over three weeks, and a fortnight’s notice. I’m fine, but my flatmates have two weeks to find somewhere else to stay during the height of the fucking Rugby World Cup.

They’re still not going to sell it once it’s renovated, you know. A horrible great lump of ordure does not shed its nature even after a coat of paint. And it serves them bloody right.

One Response to “A rather complicated day”

  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    I can imagine this conversation:

    A: You can’t polish a turd.

    B: (who is in denial and mistaken cynicism for intelligence) But you can roll it in glitter!

    A: It looks like you’ve been eating lots of glitter these days. Is some hipster thing or do you find it to be better roughage than muesli?

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