And now, the Rugby World Cup News:

First up, the Rugby World Cup! Overseas teams are arriving in NZ… Ha ha! They have funny accents and they’re not very articulate when they’re jetlagged! Now something about our noble All Blacks, and the sacrifices they’re making for the Rugby World Cup. Here’s some excited children who love the All Blacks! Here’s some excited middle-aged men who love the All Blacks! In business news: all this hypothetical money sloshing about for the Rugby World Cup is making people a bit greedy! Not enough tickets are selling, and we need to GETINBEHIND and STEPUPOURGAME! And here’s a very, very old All Black talking about… the Rugby World Cup!

Now for nationalworldpoliticsentertainmentChristchurchHappyFeet.

Now sport! Annnnnnd…. it’s the Rugby World Cup!

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