Kelburn -> Mt. Vic

If you’re ever shifting house and moving the furniture yourself, get an architect with muscles. Anita’s friend Diego approached this exercise like a game of 3D Tetris, and after two trailer loads my furniture was firmly wedged in. Unfortunately I have to move out all my boxes of books before I can arrange the furniture, and it looks as though I’ll be spending most of Saturday cleaning Moana Road.

I don’t really have to, to my friends’ exasperation. I’ve got the bond back, although I haven’t banked it yet. There’s no-one moving in after us. I suppose it’s because I’m essentially a tidy person and I’ve lived in that room for eight years, which is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place.

Manoeuvring my furniture up four flights of stairs was relatively easy after carrying it down the long flight of steps at Moana Road. Altogether this was probably the most physically exhausting day I’ve ever had. I stashed the mural panels in our garage in a high wind – by the end my arms were like noodles.

Well, it looks as though I live in Mt. Vic now, after 15 years on the other side of town in Brooklyn and Kelburn. I wonder if this will change my perspective on life?


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