The energy drink for when you’re slightly insecure

Pure Energy

I think I’ve tasted this before, but with a different name. I suppose there’s only so many different ways you can combine water, sugar and caffeine. It has a pleasant syrupy flavour and boasts about containing all-natural ingredients (including caffeine extracted from green coffee beans*) but if you’re drinking this, it probably isn’t for health reasons.

It also boasts about being “developed and made right here in New Zealand. We’re taking on the world with Kiwi ingenuity.” Er… okay. You may want to eventually focus on wind turbine technology and renewable fuel substitutes, but I suppose a sticky energy drink is a start. It has 32mls of caffeine per 100mls, not much more than instant coffee.

In keeping with the ‘pure’ theme, the can is nearly all white, which makes it look like a dull Dutch lager. Disappointingly, the name ‘Pure Energy’ doesn’t seem to be derived from awesome nineties drum ‘n’ bass.

* Which sounds like a lot of effort, surely caffeine is caffeine?

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