Punk Rock & Trailer Parks by Derf

Punk Rock & Trailer Parks
by Derf
Slave Labor Graphics, 2010

Just as good as its excerpt in The Best American Comics 2010 promised. What do you do when your hometown has been dubbed the new world centre of American rock ‘n’ roll, drawing bands like The Clash and Ramones… but living there still sucks? Such a dilemma faces the charismatic Otto Pizcok, six-foot plus student, Tolkien obsessive and bully victim, who cultivates his alter ego ‘The Baron’ and becomes bouncer, performer and local celebrity at The Bank, famous performance venue of Akron, Ohio.

Otto’s punk rock rise-and-fall is an exuberant story, featuring Lester Bangs, Wendy O. Wiliams, fart-recording, tiny customized steering wheels and lots of sex and suburban alienation. Kind of like Almost Famous (but infinitely less annoying and not costing US$60 million) it wins over with its exuberant and good-natured hero, and its engagingly loopy artwork. More graphic novels should be like this.


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