Wet Moon Vol. 2-5 by Ross Campbell

Wet Moon Vol.2: Unseen Feet
Wet Moon Vol.3: Further Realms of Fright
Wet Moon Vol.4: Drowned in Evil
Wet Moon Vol.5: Where All Stars Fail to Burn
by Ross Campbell
Oni Press, 2007-2009

Bloody hell, who writes these titles, Billy Corgan? I previously reviewed Vol.1: Feeble Wanderings and noted that Campbell must’ve been doing something right to have gotten to Vol.5, and also there seemed to be a lot of foreshadowing, which hopefully would justify the pointlessness of the first volume. Well, I saw parts 2-5 together in Central Library and grabbed them, and as a whole it’s actually not bad.

True, five of the main characters basically have the same face, but who am I to criticise? The story of these gothy, depressed college students moves like treacle, and takes about a thousand pages to get to a point which would take most cartoonists a mere hundred, but there are delights along the way, such as the lonely heiress Fern (who lives in a mansion with her servants and looks like a mannequin) and dopey jailbait teenager Fall. I could poke fun at some of the many things which annoy me about this series, but that would be mean.

On the other hand, Campbell is obviously doing well enough to afford not to give a damn about what someone of my ilk thinks about this soggy black biscuit, so here goes.

The protagonist Cleo Lovedrop* is kissed at the end of Vol.1 and her eyes grow manga-huge with surprise – and stay like that. One of the characters keeps a blog, pages of which are reproduced in the book, and another keeps a diary. When I see blocks of text in a graphic novel – I SKIP THEM. There’s a cat lurking around which looks like it’s escaped from a Miyazaki cartoon. There’s a mysterious portal in Cleo’s bedroom floor. One of the main characters [SPOILER] is secretly psychotic, and stabs the only fun character at the end of Vol.5. [END SPOILER].

Having noted all that, I’m still looking forward to Vol.6.

*Oh, for fuck’s sake! Billy, I know you’re back there somewhere!

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