Gingerbread Girl by Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover

Gingerbread Girl
by Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover
Top Shelf, 2011

An unexpected delight with severe structural flaws, just like a real gingerbread man. Tobin and Coover spend just over a hundred pages setting up the story of the lovely Annah Billips and her girlfriend Chili, told through multiple narrators (including a phony mystic and a passing pigeon) and set in fashionable Portland, Oregon. Then… it just ends.

I suppose it’s the journey, not the destination, but it seems cruel to make the reader invest time in such great characters and the beginnings of a strong plot (Annah is searching for her possibly fictional twin), just for things to end as though they suddenly ran out of paper. The artwork is excellent, clean brushstrokes shaded with an orange-brown duotone (like Ghost World but warmer). The whole thing is online here, in b&w, unfortunately. Prepare to be slightly disappointed.


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