Farm 54 by Galit & Gilad Seliktar

Farm 54
by Galit & Gilad Seliktar
Fanfare/Ponent Mon, 2011

A series of three semi-autobiographical short stories by Israeli poet Galit, illustrated by her brother Gilad, and translated from the Hebrew by Ronen Kaydar. No one involved here is a “cartoonist”, but the combination of poet and illustrator works better than usual when real artists decide to try out this graphic novel thing that all the kids are talking about.

There’s three wide panels to a page which gives it a filmic atmosphere, and Gilad’s sparse duotone drawings (with careful photo reference) match the writing perfectly. The book is lushly produced on thick paper. The stories aren’t really much fun, but if you’re going to do a serious project like this, it’s nice to see everything done properly.


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