The drink for when you feel like swishy-wishing

The Collective Vanilla + Honey Yoghurt Drink

A liquid version of their pleasant yoghurt, complete with a little extendable straw, a removable lid, and a foil seal. It’s undoubtedly good for you, if not the environment. There’s rather a lot of writing on the back – a sensible column, with clear drinking instructions and graphics, and an extremely silly column:

Pure and exotic, this bright little number will have your toes tingling and you’ll be swishy-wishing back for more, no bull…slurpppp!

Ha ha, fat chance, marketing fucks! You lost me at the the third “p” in “slurpppp”. Seriously, it’s quite nice, but 250mls is too small a serving for a manly man (sic) such as myself, and this is possibly the most expensive way of buying yoghurt ever, at nearly $4 a pop.


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