More RWC thoughts

If you travel on TranzMetro on a match day, they give you a special ticket with foil highlights on it. There’s sparkles on the circular graphics they use to represent stations, and a stylised rugby player holding a little sparkly ball. Fortunately this isn’t the bit they puncture when they clip the ticket.

Considering all the bunting hanging around for the World Cup, there are very few New Zealand flags – just lots of official silver ferns with ‘ALL BLACKS ™’ printed on them. This seems right – it’s a celebration of rugby, not New Zealand.

The notion of celebrating anything in a country riven by petty internal dissension seems slightly vulgar – we have basic groceries at cinema candy-bar prices, a cynical and facile government incapable of anything except reduction cruising towards easy re-election, and after decades of putting things off, so many chickens coming home to roost that the henhouse needs an extra storey.

What can we agree on, except for the All Blacks?

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  1. Talking about the RWC me and my father both enjoyed your comic today.

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